Goatee Acres (before it was Goatee Acres) started with a single Nigerian Dwarf wether named Goaty. Goaty was my one and only from 8 weeks old until he passed away at 11 years old.

I loved goats from the moment I first got Goaty and purchased a few more goats shortly after. Despite the natural instinct dictating the need for a herd, Goaty didn't want anything to do with other goats. He didn't want anything to do with me if I had other goats, unless it was giving me the silent treatment. He would stay as far from me as possible until I was ready to leave the pen, then he would run over to me and give me that look that said "You can't leave until I'm done being mad at you". In his mind any time not spent with him was a waste of time and a sacrilege to our relationship.

I sold the other goats and it was just Goaty and me again. It was time for us to go to college anyhow. How dare I ever go on vacation! I did soon discover that airplane peanuts were a quick way to be forgiven. How convenient that I would end up with the son of a peanut farmer.

Goaty influenced and inspired me in so many ways! He is the best friend I could have ever asked for. Even though Goaty is probably rolling over in his grave, I am starting with a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Dusty, the love of my life, thought we had room for three goats. I started with two wethers. I then decided to buy a bred doe who kidded with two healthy kids and I now have a small herd of 15. When he said three goats, I thought he meant multiples of threes, a simple case of miscommunication. It was a simple fix, though, he just had to build more houses and put up more fence.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy my small herd as much as I do!