Goatee Acres BMC Lucy

Lucy Lucy - First Freshening Udder

I love this doe! Another kid from my first breeding season. She is a beautiful doe to look at with the deep black and gorgeous blue eyes, but you really appreciate her when you get your hands on her! Amazing dairy skin and nice bone structure. Lucy has an excellent rear leg set with lots of width for a beautiful udder. I only showed her once this year and can't wait to get her back in the ring next year!

Goatee Acres BMC Lucy
1x GCH Jr. Doe
MCH Muddy Creek Blu Manchu
5x RGCH, 2x GCH, 2x Best in Show,
2x Best of Breed
2012 AGS Reserve National Champion
Serfling Farms Ginger Snap
4x RGCH Sr. Doe
2012 NDGA Nationals Best Udder
Lost Valley JUM Finnigan *S
2x GCH Jr. Buck
1x RGCH Sr. Buck
Muddy Creek BZ Lil Blue Copycat
Exit-201 RL Yellow Beard
Sandy Hollow UK Elite
CH Sunnydale Farm DAX Jumanji *S
4x GCH, 4x Best of Breed,
2x Best in Show
ARMCH/CH Lost Valley TB Obie 3*D
(2008 2nd AGS Nationals)
Kids Corral LB Blue 2 The Max
Kids Corral LB Chenille
Mini Angels Salt and Pepper Libbie
Kroll's Hilly Acres Ruby
Rosasharn's TL Ukulele Ke'a +*S
Twin Creeks WB Echo Delight *M 2*D
Lost Valley KW Daxus *S
CH Steele Ballew Lantanna *D
(3x BU)
ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo+*S 'E'
(2009 AGS National Champion)
Lost Valley Only Time Wil Tell 2*D
MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B
Swanson Doemain Reeses Cup Blu
MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B
Kids Corral SF Applique
1x GCH Jr. Doe
1x RGCH Jr. Doe
Fine Pod Farm Boaz
Pinkie SS Bun Illusion Libbie
Wood and Stream Bushido
Kroll's Hilly Acres Luster Ruby
ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++*S
ARMCH Rosasharn's UNI 2*D 2*M
All-Time Nigerian Dwarf Butterfat
Production Record Holder
ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden ++*S
MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D 'E'